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ch-ch-check it out.

Uh, Hi!
I'm so sorry it's been a billion years. I PROMISE I am back for good, though. I seriously miss updating. I miss you guys. I miss everything about LJ!

The kicker is wondering where to begin...

Substituting is going awesome! I work two jobs now Mon-Fri. I sub until about 3ish and then head over to a daycare until 6. This is nice income for us, and in the summertime I will work 40 hrs a week at the pre school. It's super helpful, and I'm glad I have that opportunity while I'm in the midst of figuring out what I want to do with my life. I LOVE substituting, and until I pay down some of my loans I have to take a minor break from school, which totally blows, but I'm not the type to just give up and never return. I make decent income right now, and Joe makes even more decent income, so we are okay with money, it's just figuring out what exactly I want a degree in. After substituting this year, and seeing so many sad child cases, I kind of want to check out social services. I know the pay isn't GREAT, but that is one of those jobs that you don't get involved for the pay, you get involved to try and help kids. I'm going to look further more in to it. :)

Joe and I are doing fabulous, beside him being sick as a dog right now. :( He has two interviews next week for a promotion at work! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, definitely!

We have started our house hunt! We have looked at about 15 houses, and are looking at 6 more tomorrow. I think we possibly may have found one, but we just need to be sure. This is a huge step we are taking, and we want to know we are doing the right thing! I'm kind of nervous about house bills, but I know everything will be okay. I'm going to apply for as many counties as possible for substituting, and worse comes to worse I will commute the 45 minutes-hour from where we live to the county I am already hired in. Plus, I'm sure I will still be working at the day care, so it may just be worth the bit of a drive for the 100 dollars a day.

Ohhh, the wedding planning! How completely stressful and exciting everything is all in one. We have almost everything ready. We still have to pay $5,000 for the venue, (My mom is helping me BIG time with the venue. I am truly blessed, I know this. I have so many friends who are on their own, and I freekin admire them, because if I was one hundred percent on my own, I'd be having a back yard wedding with a keg. lol) I have to finish paying off the DJ and photographer, (Which I found out is one of the cheapest guys around-sweet deal)and I basically have to figure out the small loose ends. (Where we are going to get our favors, what I'm going to get my bridesmaids, etc) I'm getting married in FIVE months! It's super exciting, and considering I'm not some fancy girl who needs to have everything perfect, I'm kind of procrastinating. lol I found my dress, though, which is pretty and slimming! Whoohoo! :)

Besides that life is just going! It's going pretty good, though. Hope you guys are all great!




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