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Somewhere over the rainbow...

Where happy little bluebirds sing..

30 June 1988
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In order to see the rainbow, you have to get through the rain. :)

21 years young, with many dreams ahead of me.
I believe in world peace, and know first hand love makes the world go round.
Animals have such a big part of my heart.
I'm in love with my boyfriend, even after 7 years. :)
I like to stay close with the family, they are after all my future stories to the future kids.
I read too many books for most people's taste. Not enough for mine, however.
I'm a college student, majoring in education.
I will own a bookstore one day. I promise myself.
I believe in God strongly, but am open to different religions. :)
Don't worry, your secrets are safe here. Thou shall not judge is what I live by. ;)
Peace. Love. Happiness.