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I am going to the MMR BBQ!




Nov. 5th, 2008

I have never in my life been as proud to be an American as I am tonight.
Obama gave an amazing speech, and had me and Oprah apparently (as seen on t.v) in tears.
Obama gives me great hope for a brighter future, and I absolutely adore his family, with all of their support, and understanding they give.

This is it, this is the change we need. We can do this America.

I think I need a drastic change. something so major it'll make me spin.

what could I possibly do?

Jan. 15th, 2008

wowzers, do I have an update for you.

hmm okay so about 3 days okay I took my brother and his adorable girlfriend to the mall.
we decided to take out a puppy and all, of course. Well, as we are playing with the chow, Kim calls me..hysterically crying. KIM NEVER CRIES, even at the attempted rape, she never shed a tear.
So, Of course I'm like "what's wrong?!" All she said was "Can you please come get me?, your the only person I can talk to." So, with that said, I showed up on her doorstep asap.

Her step mom answers the door, and she looks like she's been crying. Now, I KNOW this isn't good.
Kim comes out and I told her that it was okay if she slept over my house, she runs gets her blanket and pillow, hugs her parents and..we head off to a diner to talk.

It turns out, Kims stepfather (who is like her real dad) tried to commit suicide by taking his whole bottle of bipolar medication, flipped out, and hit kim's mother. He's in jail now, and no one knows if he's been released, if he's okay, nothing. Kim's mom filed a report.

Catch is, Kim's step father was in a HOSPITAL for trying to over dose earlier last month, and the nurse let him out way before he was supposed to be released, and he was told to STILL take his meds. i don't know.

I hugged her, told her how much I love her, and we....drove around till the sun came up and just..laughed. I'm glad I at least got her mind off of it.

So, I told her my infamous quote that in order to see the rainbow you must get through the rain. This is a fucking thunderstorm, but she will be okay. Her mom and the boys are coming down, soon, and maybe they will move closer to kim, then up from pa.

second crazy story.

I come home from work the night before, and as soon as I walk in, I hear my brother flipping out, okay nothing new, I go upstairs to get dinner, my mom goes "Do you know what happened to aunt pat?" ..."no? well, andrew had a hissy fit cause he couldn't have his gf over at 11:30 at night and threw her against the wall, hurting her head down to her shoulders."

WHAT?! are you KIDDING ME?!

she didn't want to go to the hospital because the cops might arrest him, he's 16, maybe it's what he NEEDS.

My brother was like "I'm going to go beat his ass!" ..strange thing is..he would never lay a hand on my mom. He may cuss and all...but never. touch her. I dont know.

I'm glad keith was here that night though, I liked talking to him, and telling him everything. he like..understands, i dunno. :)

On a brighter note, I move out in like 3 weeks!
I can't wait to like...pack this stuff and go through it, see what I need and what I don't need.
CRAP, that reminds me, I need to get those huge egg boxes from Meg.

okay work in ten minutes, Joe better get back with my hunk o' junk car!

ohhh yeah, and I've been looking up therapists, KIm said it wouldn't be a bad idea for me forever ago, and I think having one would make me a lot less tense, and angry, and maybe less sensitive, too. My insurance will cover it, whenever I get that running up again. which maybe means (now that Im going to be SECURE!) Me and Joe want to start back up together in fall, how awesome!
What was the first band you became a fan of?
My first favorite band was The Band. My mom used to blast the radio and "The Weight" would be the song of choice. we'd sing to it, and whenever I think back to music days, I think of that song, and The Band who helped me make great memories.
As of today, I can legally drive a car with...just myself! :D

Lastnight was hard with work.
Tonight, I fell on the slippery floor and..my body hurts. lol

Oct. 31st, 2007

haha go look in my profile, Trisha sent me a little gift for halloween, it's adorable!


I go get my lisence tomorrow! I have a car, just have to pay for a little bit and get it insured and all! YAAAAAAAY!

Btw, Happy Halloween guys! I hope yours will be better then mine, I have to work 2-10 and because it's a take out place, we are going to be SLAMMED. :(

Oh well, at least I get $$$$ ;)

Keith should be here soon! He's picking me up, I'm going to get him breakfast at my job lol


I painted a dolphin, it's adorable <3

Oct. 25th, 2007

Yoohoo has my night.

I hate it when I have to be the bitch and say it how it is, dammit.

Work went decent tonight, I'm glad, we had a steady night, not too busy, not too dead. lol

I wonder if I won the lottery, I should probably get my ticket checked, I could of won 43 million dollars, hah. Wouldn't that be awesome? Buy the house, my mom and dad a house, pay for school, travel, CHARITY, get my own bookstore, give my boss some money to fix up the store, and take care of my family/buddies. :) and Im sure I'd have about...22 million left after that, sooo, put it away....

and some one threw away my ticket.

I think Im going to FLIP.

Sep. 21st, 2007

I suppose I should make an update when I actually have two minutes to myself, huh? lol

I'm back to loving my job, of course. I mean, I do have a big chance of actually OWNING it someday, so I guess I should get used to it. lol Meg just acted like I was never sick and all that jazz, it was swell!

Lisa and I went to smithville Sunday night! It was great, I've come to a conclusion I am scared of roosters. LOL They have this great hand made soap place and I bought some "Rachel's wild watermelon" oh god, it's awesome! Smithville is a place where you feel...safe? well, with out the ducks and roosters, that is. I just love it there, it's such a nice environment. You can go pedal boating!! We did that when we went camping and it was awesome! hah, Lisa wanted to ride the big swan thingie, and it was docked, so that wasn't happening, but it would of been cool anyways =( The people there are definitely friendly, and the stores are unique. I hope Lis had a good time, too! *Cause I know she was waiting for me to write about this lol*

I started my good ol diet yesterday! I ate wheat bread! -high five- ..that's not ALL I ate, I had an apple. an egg, some soup, a low sugar pudding, etc. It was good! I think I can do this, totally.

I bought Joe a motherboard last night, It's not for our Anniv, he said he's gonna pay me back the money cause it was like 80 dollars. and I had to use my credit card, and I didn't want to. lol and so my 30 dollars off is going on that. idk. He said he'll give me 50 of it, I'm still bummed, I really wanted to use the 30 bucks for something I wanted. As selfish as that is wanting something for me on my credit card LOL

Our anniversary is Wednesday, It's our 4 year mark, I have no idea what I'm getting him this year though, I wanna go to the mall and check some things out, maybe a mp3 player, sword, a hat,
gamestop crap lol

Alrigty, work!
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jksykdg!!!! MY BABY GIRLLLL. My kitten!!! Stardust