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Wow. Hi guys. It has been over a year (more like almost 2) since I have written in this thing. Is any one still on here? I find it funny how I have a weird dream about Live Journal and decide to come back and peek in to see if things have changed much.

The last time I left off looks like before Joe and I moved and got married. We ended up purchasing a really cute "gingerbread house" I like to call it. We have been doing updates on it and I really feel comfortable here. It's nice talking about making changes and mapping out our next project! We learned owning a home is a lot of work, but I honestly can say it has been the best experience for us!
We have been married for over a year and I truly believe in the whole "falling more in love every day" motto. Over 11 years together and the guy still makes me feel like I'm living some sort of fairy tale. I am already a mushy person, but there is just something sexy about a guy who is smart, reliable, handy, and a romantic at heart. It's funny to think of our teenage years together and even our "dark" year when we were living with his mom and I have no idea how we made it out alive let alone how we made it out still together....and where we are now. We have been through everything and we have always remained faithful, strong, and at the end of the day know we are each other's core. Yesterday I sat on my couch while he was outside doing yard work (I no longer substitute but I watch my 9 month old niece Mon-Fri for a decent pay and plan on extending an in home day care when the time is right.) and just felt lucky.

We also have been trying for a baby for a year. Long story short, I'm infertile! Go me. We have done two medicated cycles and will continue doing so until I can't take it any more. We also plan on doing IVF if these cycles do not work. It's been a battle but I have been open about it and open to new ideas to make this happen. Here's my new blog if interested.


I hope you are all well! I'm going to take a peek on over to my friends page to make sure you are! ;)


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Jun. 30th, 2015 06:42 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday ! :)
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