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Oh, Glee...

Rant for tonight's episode of Glee. :)

I didn't get the Glee vibe I usually get while watching. I guess for one, I wanted to see more of Kurt and Blaine, but that's okay! I loved that they came for the benefit, though. They are adorable together, and definitely one of my favorite couples television wise. <3

Rachel...I don't know. I love her most episodes, and get annoyed with her rather quickly with others. Her talking to Mercedes was super sweet, and I loved when they hugged, and she told Mercedes there was no way any one could finish the benefit but her. I just..she has to prove in almost every episode that she is better then every one, and in my opinion, yes, she has an AMAZING voice, but I think Quinn, Finn, Mercedes, Santana, Puck, Sam, etc..have an amazing voice, too. Though she didn't sing tonight, in the beginning of the episode, I felt like she was rather pushy with her Rachel ways. LOL. I am not sticking up for Mercedes either, though! Lauren being her manager? C,mon man!

I don't know what the deal was with Sunshine. I love her voice and all, but I really hope she wasn't spying, and I hope she ends up coming back to New Directions.

I love that Brittney got all those questions in the game. I feel bad for her a lot of the time, and think she deserves more credit then she gets. She may be...rather..slow..but, she is a good kid at heart.

Sue..oh Sue. It's hard to hate her when I think about all the clips with her and her adorable sister, but it's hard to like her when she pulls crap like she did tonight.

Santana? Yeah, bad ass is all I have to say about that. She was incredible.

I just want Will and Emma to have a talk face to face and sort out their feelings. They are incredible together. But, love takes time, I suppose!

All in allm It was an okay episode..but next week is going to be amazing, I hope! :D



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